Hong Kong

Guest Lectures Series

During the course of the AIPE program, several lecturers will be invited to come into the classroom and speak with the students. These lecturers will give students the opportunity to see how the issues they learn about in class can be applied in the real world. The lectures are set up in such a way that there will be an extensive question and answer period at the end of each presentation.

Guest lectures in the past include:

  • The Honorable Mrs. Anson Chan, Former Chief Secretary, Hong Kong, SAR
  • Mr. Bernard Chan, President, Asia Financial Group; Member, Executive Council and Legislative Council, HKSAR; Member, National People’s Congress, Hong Kong Deputy
  • Dr. Ronnie Chan, Chairman, Hang Lung Development Group, Chairman, The Better Hong Kong Society
  • Professor Joseph Cheng, Department of Public and Social Administration, City University of Hong Kong
  • Dr. Raymond Ch'ien Kuo-Fung, Chairman, The MTR Corporation
  • Mr. Daniel Fung, Former Solicitor General, Hong Kong, SAR
  • Dr. Hans Genberg, Director of Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research and Executive Director (Research) of Hong Kong Monetary Authority
  • Ms. Regina Ip, Former Secretary for Security, Hong Kong, SAR
  • Ms. Christine Loi, Former Member of Legco and current CEO of Civic Exchange
  • Mr. Andrew L.T. Sheng, Chairman, Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission
  • Mr. James E. Thompson, GBS, Chairman and Chief Executive, The Crown Worldwide Group of Companies
  • Mr. Andrew Work, CEO and Publisher, Harbour Times; Co-Founder, The Lion Rock Institute

Social & Cultural Events

As an AIPE participant, you will also be afforded numerous opportunities to indulge in the cultural heritage and natural beauty of Hong Kong. Students can also look forward to attending political and economic courses taught by some of the finest professors from America. While also in the classroom, participants will have the opportunity to listen to guest lectures given by a wide array of speakers who excel in their respective industries.

Cultural Presentations Dinner

The Annual Country Presentations Dinner is always an exciting event for the participating students. This event allows students to celebrate the culture of their own respective countries and experience that of others. Students from the same countries join together and prepare dances, songs, poems, and skits as a means of conveying the richness of their cultures to the other participants in the program.

Social Events

Throughout the summer, students are brought together to socialize and interact with one another. Participants can look forward to weekend excursions, special dinners, and celebrations.

Welcoming Dinner

Once the students arrive in Hong Kong and get settled into their respective dorm rooms, they are invited to a welcoming dinner. This event allows the students to begin forging friendships with the other participants from the very beginning of the program.

Group Meals

AIPE’s partnership with the University of Hong Kong will allow the students to eat a majority of their meals in eating facilities provided by the university. These meals serve as an effective forum for the students to discuss everything from politics to sports.

Graduation Dinner

At the end of the program the AIPE students convene one last time to celebrate at the annual graduation dinner. The evening lends to an atmosphere where the students can reminisce on their experiences in Hong Kong as well as make plans for staying in touch in the future.

"Besides studying, being surrounded by fellow students from various countries and cultures were beneficial as well. I’ve been participating in several cross-cultural communication programs but in none of them did I find friendship as close as it in AIPE. Time seemed to pass faster when we lived, learned and played together. Almost anytime anywhere, we kept talking to exchange opinions on current issues and introduce our own countries to each other. I can say that after AIPE, some of my classmates will become lifelong friends with me."

Ji Wenrong
People's Republic of China

Explore Hong Kong

The development of Hong Kong over the past twenty years makes it one of the most exciting locations in all of Asia. Hong Kong combines the hustle and bustle of its vibrant financial centers with the scenic and natural beauty of its many beaches and mountains. Over the course of the AIPE program, students will have the chance to see the many sights and sounds that make Hong Kong such a special place.

Tours subject to change from year to year.

Getting to Know Hong Kong

From the famous giant banyan trees at Tai Po Lam Tsuen in the New Territories to the hands-on exhibits at the Hong Kong Museum of History in Tsim Sha Tsui, this tour will provide a glimpse into how Hong Kong seamlessly blends the old with the new. The tour of the city concludes with an optional ride on the legendary Star Ferry across Hong Kong harbor, which provides for beautiful views of Hong Kong's magnificent skyline.

Lantau Island

An island rich with history, Lantau is located to the west of Hong Kong Island and is nearly twice its size. The day tour will allow the students to have lunch at the ninety-year old Po Lin Monastery and tour the vast waterways of Tai O Fishing Village. The highlight if the tour to Lantau is undoubtedly a visit to the Bronze Big Buddha. At 34 meters high and a weight of 220 tons, the Big Buddha has been a tourist favorite for over ten years.

Hong Kong's South Side

Away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, Hong Kong Island's south side offers much more than beautiful beaches and scenic views. Students will enjoy an afternoon of visiting the popular beaches and temples of Repulse Bay before embarking on a shopping frenzy at the world famous Stanley Market.