Hong Kong


About the Dorms

Students participating in the program will reside at one of Hong Kong University's dormitories.  Each double room has two single beds, two desks, and an air conditioning unit.  AIPE program staff will assign roommates so that students from the same country are not rooming together in order to promote cross-cultural exchange.

HKU, located in the steep hills on the West side of Hong Kong Island, is just minutes from downtown. HKU has modern classrooms, dormitories, computer facilities, and dining facilities. The campus also has recreational facilities that AIPE students will have access to.


Students will have full access to public transportation to explore the city and will find that navigating around Hong Kong is easy and efficient.


The location for AIPE is in the middle of the bustling city of Hong Kong. A richly diverse and international city, Hong Kong will challenge your senses to see, smell, hear and feel. Whether you are in the old street markets bargaining for souvenirs and trendy fashion items, or shopping in the most modern and gleaming shopping centers, you will find that Hong Kong is a place for every soul. As the center for finance and business in Asia, students will mingle in the city with people from all over the world, with restaurants and diners to match every taste.


Most meals will be covered. Every effort will be made to include alternatives for students with special dietary requirements (kosher, vegetarian, etc.) due to religion and/or lifestyle.