TFAS Hong Kong


The program’s academic goal is to engage students in a rigorous examination of the interplay between government and economics. The challenging coursework will give students the academic background necessary to become influential policymakers, savvy business-people, and global leaders of tomorrow.

The intense academic program includes course components covering the fundamental concepts and theories of political economy as well as an advanced course in political philosophy. The lectures and readings provide philosophical grounding in the principles of economics and government which students can apply in their home countries.

The pace of the program is intense and demanding.  In addition to attending classes and guest lectures, formal and informal extracurricular events are planned to encourage students to share ideas and cultures outside of the traditional classroom setting.

All classes are held on the campus of The University of Hong Kong (HKU), internationally recognized as one of the finest institutes of higher learning in Asia, and upon successful completion of the course students may earn academic credit through George Mason University.

"Few other events within my life have delivered such a potent range of experiences: expanded horizons with an impact on our professional lives, cultural encounters that break down the barriers that partition our globalizing world, socio-political discussions that locate common ground amidst all the discontents of our countries, and personal exchanges that culminate with our realization that humanity is a broader thing than any one society can define."

Jerik Cruz

Course Description

The goal of TFAS Hong Kong is to further an understanding of American government, political economy, and the liberal tradition. Through an interdisciplinary course on political economy and political philosophy, students will examine how economic and political freedom are intertwined. The political philosophy portion will place particular emphasis on the principles and ideas which animated the American Founding while the economics portion will serve to demonstrate how market economies contribute to greater prosperity and human freedom. Students are expected to complete daily readings and any other projects assigned, and may receive 3 undergraduate credit hours from George Mason University upon successful completion of the program.

"TFAS Hong Kong has been one of best learning platforms for me. The courses were laid as such that even for me, without any economics background, it was easy to understand the ideas and philosophies of economics. Getting to learn and analyze about the american constitution and the Federalists was a wonderful opportunity as this can now help me understand and reason the constitution writing process that is being carried out in my own country as well. The learning didn't stop at the lecture halls only. I got to make friends from more than 10 different countries and learn about their markets, politics and their cultures. I also got an insight on the way the youth perceive the world and its affairs, which I consider is a valuable learning as well."

Prabhat Shrestha