TFAS Prague


About the Dorms

As part of TFAS Prague you will live in Charles University dorms located a short distance from downtown Prague. The dorms are are fully furnished, apartment style suites. Each suite has 3 rooms (with 2 single beds in each room) and 1 bathroom that 6 students will share.  There is wireless internet available in the lobby of the dorm and internet cable ports in each room.  The dorm has washing machines located throughout the building.

The name of the dormitory is Masarykova Kolej and the address is Thakurova 1, 160 41, Prague 6, Czech Republic.


The dorms are a short walk from the Dejvická metro station. The dorms easy to reach from the Prague Main Train Station and Main Bus Station using the Prague Metro system.


The neighborhood surrounding the dorms is home to many of the technically oriented faculties of Charles University as well as a variety of shops, restaurants, coffee houses, and pubs.

By taking the metro a few short stops, you could find yourself walking through the grounds of Prague Castle, strolling along the streets of Malá Strana (Lesser Town), crossing the Vlatava River on the famous Charles Bridge, exploring Staré Město (Old Town), gazing at the Prague Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square, or walking through Wenceslas Square, the site of historic protests during the Prague Spring of 1968 and the 1989 Velvet Revolution.


As part of TFAS Prague, students will have daily access to the dining hall in the dorm starting on the first say of the program for breakfast and most dinners.  Meal tickets will be distributed at registration. To be served, you must present a meal ticket.

Meal selections will include alternatives for students with special dietary requirements (kosher, vegetarian, etc.) due to religion and/or lifestyle.


Breakfast is served in the main cafeteria. On weekdays, breakfast is available from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and on weekdays it is available from 7:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.


Daily group lunches will be served from Mondays-Fridays.  Meals will consist of soup, main course, dessert and beverages. There will be two main course options: one containing meat and one that is vegetarian. The canteen is a short walk from the TFAS Prague classroom. Lunches will not be provided on weekends unless noted.


Students are responsible for their own dinners.  An average dinner can cost between $6.00 USD and $15 USD depending on where you eat.  There are many restaurants to choose from near the classroom building, including ones that serve a variety of Czech, American, and Mediterranean dishes.  Students should be aware that since the classroom building is located near the tourist destination of Wenceslas Square, restaurants located in the Square are typically much more expensive.

*There will be a few dinners provided during TFAS Prague, please consult your schedule closer to the beginning of the program.


There are many "Potraviny" shops (convenience stores) close to the dorm and throughout Prague. There are also several supermarkets near the Dejvická metro station that are within walking distance from the dorm.