TFAS Santiago


About the Dorms

Students participating in the program will reside at the Hotel Diego de Velazquez in the Providencia neighborhood of Santiago. Please click here for more information on the hotel.  Each double occupancy room has free Wi-Fi and air conditioning units.  TFAS Santiago program staff will assign roommates so that students from the same country are not rooming together in order to promote cross-cultural exchange.


Hotel Diego de Velazquez is just steps away from two metro stations (Metro Los Leones and Pedro de Valdivia Metro).  Students will have full access to public transportation to explore the city and will find that navigating around Santiago is easy and efficient.


The hotel is located in downtown Santiago in the bustling Providencia neighborhood.  Providencia has a variety of shops, restaurants, and other attractions for participants to explore in their free time.  In addition, being steps away from the metro gives participants to explore other areas of the city.


Breakfast will be served daily at the Hotel Diego de Velazquez and lunch will be served at the dining facilities on the University of the Andes' campus. Every effort will be made to include alternatives for students with special dietary requirements (kosher, vegetarian, etc.) due to religion and/or lifestyle.