Preston Ross with his supervisor Johnathan Lozier.

Mr. Ross Goes to Washington

Preston Ross, a student at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York came to DC this past summer with an excitement to grow his personal and professional network, and gain valuable work experience. In addition to taking a 400 level economics course, Ross (left in picture above) interned full time at Stateside Associates, a large government relations firm in Rosslyn, VA. There he was able to work with Stateside’s Vice President, Johnathan Lozier.

“I was fortunate enough to find a lifetime mentor in my supervisor, Johnathan B. Lozier (center in picture above). He has gone above and beyond the role of supervisor and has helped me both professionally and personally. None of this would be possible without my internship.”

Ross took advantage of living in downtown DC for the summer. He explored the city with the many friends he made at TFAS, enjoying the different festivals and events that summertime brings. He plans to come back to DC for the spring of 2020 to participate in a semester long internship.

“I’m looking into fellowships now to pay for grad school in DC. TFAS had a major role in my decision to do so, if I hadn’t participated in the program I am not sure I would following this path! My advice to anyone considering TFAS is to do it! Quite frankly participating in TFAS was one of the best decisions I ever made. The connections I made, the friends I gained, and the personal growth alone is worth the price alone.”