TFAS hosts international academic programs for current university students and young professionals in South America, Asia, and Europe. Through these programs, we provide a rigorous academic experience, foster dialogues that cross borders, and seek to create a global network of responsible future leaders.

TFAS Guatemala is a two-week long academic program offering an exceptional opportunity for young leaders to explore the political and economic necessities of a free society, while immersed in Central America’s most diverse country.

2 weeks // 6 ECTS Credits (3 US credit hours) // Explore: Santiago, Chile, a vibrant metropolis at the base of the Andes Mountains // Engage: Coursework on political theory and economics, guest lectures from Chilean professionals //
Exchange: Learn about other countries based on direct conversations with classmates from across the Americas

3 weeks // 9 ECTS Credits (4.5 US credit hours) // Explore: Prague, Czech Republic, the red-roofed “City of a Hundred Spires” on the banks of the Vlatava River // Engage: Coursework on political economy, political philosophy and conflict management // Exchange: Share experiences with students from North America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and build an international network

European Journalism Institute

Professional Journalism Program

1 week // 2 US Credits // Explore: Prague, Czech Republic, the political and cultural heart of Central Europe // Engage: Coursework and guest lectures review tools and perspectives on journalism that provide an edge in the ever-changing global job market // Exchange: Challenge yourself to think about complex issues in new ways with a global cohort of professional and student journalists

3 weeks // 3 US Credits // Explore: Singapore, a modern island city state, a global financial center, and a tropical destination with a multicultural population // Engage: Coursework on U.S. government, political economy, and the liberal tradition // Exchange: Connect with students from Asia and the Pacific to discuss how you will impact your community

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TFAS Prague 2023

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European Journalism Institute 2023

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TFAS Santiago 2023

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TFAS Asia 2024

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