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An Inside Look At The Tisdale Fellowship

Andrea Ocanas, a business major at The University of Texas at Austin, came to DC to participate in The Business and Government Relations summer program. Through this program she was able to secure an internship with Dell Technologies. She also was selected as one of the four Tisdale Fellows. Participating in the Tisdale Fellowship allowed Andrea to learn more about tech policy through a variety of lectures, site briefings and networking opportunities..

“Through my internship I was able to learn about a different side of business operations for an incredibly large company. My favorite part of my internship was the people I was working with. Dell has a fairly small team sitting in the DC office so I was able to really get to know the people in the office. My experience this summer led me to make connections with Dell, and upon returning to school in Austin I had the chance to visit their headquarters in Round Rock, TX.”

Ocanas made time this summer to get to know her peers in the program.

“Aside from my internship, my favorite part of my TFAS summer was becoming friends with my roommates and other members of the program. Since the students who participate in TFAS come from a variety of places, mindsets, and walks of life, I was able to learn so much from my peers and make life-lasting friendships along the way. I look back on my summer with great fondness and I know that it would not be the same if it weren’t for the people I met while I was in D.C.”

Her advice for anyone thinking about the program is to take advantage of the opportunities to grow and sustain your network.

“For anyone considering participating in TFAS this upcoming summer, I would encourage you to do so. While this is a great opportunity to learn about government relations, business, and professionalism, it’s also just a lot of fun. My advice is to take advantage of professional opportunities and grow your network, but also take time to explore the city and have an unforgettable summer. Do your best to connect with the people around you, and your summer will be that much better because of those people.”