October 22 – Chile’s Constitutional referendum

Hello all,

You may be aware that Chile’s constitutional referendum is coming up this Sunday, October 25. The outcome of the vote will undoubtedly have a consequential impact on the country moving forward and is quite relevant to understanding both Chilean’s hopes for their future as well as their narrative of the past. I know some of you have already been following the debate surrounding this decision, and I want to encourage all of you to become familiar with the positions of both those supporting the approval of the referendum to create a new constitution, as well as those supporting the rejection of the referendum; it will surely be helpful context for when we’re in Santiago together next year. Below are just a couple English language opinion pieces from the last year to represent each side’s claims, and provide a starting point for your own inquiry.

“Crises Put Chile’s Free-market Consensus in Danger”

By Joseph S. Tulchin, The Austrian Center

“Why Chile Should Not Rewrite its Constitution”

By Pedro Pizano and Axel Kaiser, The Washington Post

Chile Can’t Wait Longer for a New Constitution

By María Jaraquemada, Americas Quarterly

Chile Is Ready for a New Constitution

By the NYT Editorial Board, New York Times

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Alexander Archuleta
Director of International Programs
The Fund for American Studies