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TFAS Prague 2020 Dates: July 11 – August 1
Early Deadline: January 31
Final Deadline: March 15

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Are you interested in a career in international affairs? Do you want to discuss complex contemporary issues in a diverse academic setting? Are you eager to visit Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, TFAS Prague is the program for you. Stand out in the competitive global job market and in graduate school admissions by gaining invaluable international experience this summer!

The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) has organized international academic institutes for 25 years.  Our objective is to provide a rigorous academic experience, foster dialogues that cross borders, and create a global network of responsible future leaders.

TFAS Prague is a unique program that brings together more than 100 students from North America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia to explore fundamental issues related to political philosophy, political economy, and conflict management. The wide range of nationalities, religions, and ethnicities represented at TFAS Prague gives participants the chance to interact, learn, and share their experiences in ways that can benefit their educational and professional development.

Our comprehensive package includes academic credit through Charles University, one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious universities and our partner since 1993, as well as housing, most meals, a variety of notable guest lectures, cultural and social events, and opportunities for professional development and networking.

Students who complete TFAS Prague graduate into a global network of over 42,000 TFAS alumni. You can find TFAS alumni living and working in some of the world’s most exciting cities, including Washington DC, New York, London, Paris, Beirut, Hong Kong, Beijing, Buenos Aires, and Santiago, to name just a few. Graduates of our institutes are able to use this vast network to opens doors that have lead to life changing opportunities in various corners of the world.

Come join us this summer for this once in a lifetime opportunity to study in the beautiful, historical European capital of Prague, Czech Republic!

The TFAS Prague 2020 Institute Dates: July 11 – August 1. Get more details here and read about all of the exciting aspects of TFAS Prague.

“TFAS Prague was challenging, interesting; different from other courses. TFAS Prague is an experience to get know other people/cultures from various countries, it’s a chance to learn more about the US and a chance to destroy some stereotypes one may have about some countries or some nations. It’s an opportunity to stay and live in Prague which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. TFAS Prague gives a chance to open a new door in life, to think about future goals, to improve yourself and obtain knowledge in other fields. Your experience at the program will be memorable for the rest of your life. During TFAS Prague you become the best of the best!”

Salome Ugrekhelidze
Republic of Georgia